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This is a very interesting Model, as it represents the last of the Russian series of revolvers. Beginning with the Old Old Model Russian, then the 2nd model, and finally the third model. The physical design changed with each model due to the input of the Russian Ordnance representative at the S&W facility. S&W was engaged in filling large contracts with the Russian Government, so the Commercial Model is indeed rare! Of the 60,000+ produced, only about 20,000 were sold here in the U.S. This one has all correct markings, the 1874 on the frame at the top of the grip web, plus the SH in a diamond on the butt. Of course all the correct markings from S&W, barrel address etc....Serial No. 4092X is in remarkable condition. It has 99.9% of all the factory bright nickel  on the frame, and 98% nickel on the cylinder, with only slight loss in the flutes. All the case coloring is easily visible on the trigger guard and hammer. The walnut grips show only normal handling marks. Mechanically this Model 3 operates 100% correctly, on ALL working actions. The trigger guard has always been a why? question as to the "hook". here is the reason, Many to most Russian soldiers simply carried their Pistol in the Sash wrapped around their waist. The pistol was carried stuck under the sash, the hook kept it from moving ! The factory nomenclature for the item is a "Sash Hook". This feature did not deter Frontier sales, as legendary Lawman Pat Garret carried one, and one was picked up at Northfield after the big raid ! A unique S&W, the Model 3 Russian, and worthy of collecting.

PRICE $ 3,500


TEX-MEX OUTFIT of the 1870'S


This 2nd American, Serial No. 8325, is of the 1870 period, as is the holster. It is further glamorized by a set of period Ivory grips, with a beautiful 146 year old untouched patina. This holster is a typical Mexican influenced holster, with the barrel of the revolver deliberately exposed below the holster.  You can also find this style in the Bikini holsters for Single Actions, which came several years later. S&W introduced the American Model in 1870, the first .44 for the company, and the FIRST practical large frame revolver on the frontier, beating Colt by more than 4 years! It found immediate favor with high profile Westerner's, such as : Dallas Stoudenmire, Texas "Jack" Omohundro, Buffalo Bill, Cole Younger etc.......etc..... The well balanced 8 inch barrel, curved grip to reduce recoil, and FAST break open ejecting and loading ! This 2nd American was finished at the S&W factory in blue. Currently it has about 10-15% of the blue remaining, the rest is a untouched light gray patina, giving it a smooth attractive appearance. ALL company applied markings are clear and present, and ALL assembly and serial numbers are matching. Mechanically this S&W American has a PERFECT working action. ALL parts are original to this revolver.

Who knows for sure ? Do note the presence of 4 very small notches  on the curve of the frame in front of grip, and behind the trigger guard. This outfit exudes the old Border, and the Tex-Mex Frontier of 1870 ! PRICE $5,450


Note the Initials B T carved into the leather holster.

The top edge and the bottom edge have been deliberately "scalloped" cut for style.


In 1869, S&W was limited to the biggest revolver being manufactured by them , a .32RF No.2 Army. D. B. Wesson recognized they must have a large caliber Frontier revolver, to the drawing board they went. Simultaneously the Russian Government was interested in a .44 caliber revolver for their Army. This confluence of events gave us the first .44 caliber S&W revolver from S&W. The 1st Model ,.44 Russian, simultaneously the S&W American revolver, in .44 American caliber. Both were break top, 8 inch barrel, heavy style Frontier revolvers, S&W was in the new market ! This 1st Model Russian, a.k.a. the "Old, Old Model Russian has the 8 inch barrel and is finished in the blue. Today about 35%++ of the original blue is present, and the balance is a soft blending natural occurring plum patina. ALL factory applied markings: barrel address etc.. are present and clear. ALL parts are original to this revolver. The break open action works 100% correctly, each and every time. The working action: cocking, indexing, and locking are also perfect , every time they are worked. This Old Old Russian, is Serial No. 1158X, early in the second run with improved trigger pin bulge of metal for stability, therefore a 2nd Model. Probable production, 1872. Which meant ! these revolvers were in the hands of Frontiersmen, like Bill Cody, Texas Jack, and other men on the raw western frontier, almost 3 years before the Colt SAA. Quite an accomplishment. The Walnut grips are in fabulous condition, free from any damage.

NOTE: It was with a Russian like this that John Wesley Hardin shot Sheriff Webb in Comanche Texas . Putting him on the run for the rest of his free life! A CLASSIC revolver of the earliest cartridge revolvers on the Frontier. PRICE $4,275



A very significant revolver from S&W, as ONLY @ 5,100 Commercial Models were manufactured. The balance were the Russian Contract orders of @21,000. This 1st Russian , Serial No. 2714X, was nickel plated at the factory. Currently it has about 65% of the original nickel plate present. The balance is a soft gray patina, found mostly on the areas of hand use. The nickel is very strong on the frame bottom, and in back and front of the cylinder. The cylinder is about 50% nickel. The factory applied barrel address, and Model designation is crisp and perfect. Speaking of perfect, ALL the working actions are perfect, each and every time demanded. All parts are original. The Walnut grips are smooth with a fine patina and have no damage. This revolver model made a huge impact on the western frontier, as introduced in 1870 (1st Model) and then then 2nd Model in 1871. This Old, Old Russian is from 1874, and continued the popularity. For S&W it was their first LARGE caliber, break-top model, and the first practical frontier revolver out there, far superior to conversions etc... and years ahead of Colt. The superior benefits of this Model were immediately recognized, and one Texan made this Model famous. John Wesley Hardin  used a 1st Russian Model, exactly like this one, to shoot and kill Sheriff Webb in Comanche Texas. His Old Old Russian was in the 25,000 range. Simply a historical revolver to the west and S&W and still maintains and excellent presence.

PRICE $3,995



This revolver was extremely important to S&W, as it represented it's FIRST .32 caliber revolver. Introduced in 1865, and discontinued in 1868, after about 26,000 were manufactured. I say manufactured ?? Well, S7W did not make them, a firm by the name of King & Smith made them. They were fitted, finished and assembled by S&W. This one Serial No. 2165X has the standard 3-1/2 inch barrel, and is a "Tip-Up, opening system. The Model 1-1/2 has very strong original factory blue remaining, about 98% overall, a little less on the cylinder, maybe 85%. Almost all the case colors remain on the hammer. It is cased in a Factory casing, of Golden Oak, with the correct pine bottom, and a brass plaque on the lid. the plaque was never inscribed. The GRIPS are INCREDIBLE !!! Both side , PERFECT condition, checkered Ivory.

The original casing from @1866 has an excellent exterior, with the Oak grain, and finish, and no serious damage. The interior however, shows its 150 years of age, not abuse, just age. The velvet shows where the cylinder pressed against it for a century and a half. The balance is normal fading, and just slight wear on the edges. the color remained very acceptable. In the case are the ORIGINAL twp part cleaning rod of oak and brass, the case key !!! and a partial box of the ORIGINAL box of .32 short rim fire cartridges.

ALL factory applied marking are present and exceptionally clear. It is 100% mechanically perfect in each and every working action of the working action. This is an EXCEPTIONAL cased S&W Model 1-1/2 First Issue, with incredible deluxe grips, and cased ! A wonderful 150 year old display of excellence available for the collector. PRICE $ 3,250

FACTORY SPECIAL ORDER...Worthy of a S&W Factory letter !

S&W Double Action "FRONTIER MODEL", 44/40 , 1880'S

This revolver, Serial No.1421X has a very UNIQUE feature, it has a 7-1/2 inch barrel ! The longest standard factory length on this Model was 6-1/2 inches. I say a factory letter would be worthwhile because, 7-1/2 inches is a Western Frontier length, as were the original Colts, etc..., it could have a very interesting ship location. This DA Frontier has about 75% of all the original factory nickel plating, the balance is a soft gray patina, blending very well preventing any harsh contrast. It's appearance is much stronger. The complimenting parts. such as the top latch, and trigger guard have substantial amounts of blue remaining. The trigger and hammer show faded case colors. The grips are original to this revolver, and have the color and fire only 130 years plus, can create. They have no damage, and really compliment the S&W.

Mechanically, this DA Frontier operates perfectly on single action mode, or double action mode. ALL factory applied markings are present and clearly seen.  It will be very interesting to the collector who acquires this unique S&W, as I am sure it eventually went West, and fit the "old tradition" of 7-1/2 inches, yet, the new faster double action !  PRICE $4,250

The original Pearl grips, full of antique luster and color.


The Russian series of revolvers is very interesting. Starting with the Old, Old Model, same appearance as the S&W American .44, only in .44 Russian caliber. The Russian Inspector at the S&W plant, insisted on design changes, to closer fit Russian needs. This Model, the 2nd is vary hard to find, as all production was for the Russian Government. Either over run or, incidental production accounted for the ones sold commercially. The barrel address ending of Russian Model was added, following the Springfield address. It exhibits all the early characteristics, the long extractor under the barrel, and no tension screw on top of barrel, as found on the 3rd Model. This 2nd Model, Serial No. 3611X, has about 25%+ of all the original blue finish, with a blending of a darker gray patina, with touches of plum patina. It has a very pleasant appearance. ALL factory applied markings, barrel address etc..are present and vivid. Mechanically, it operates correctly on all phases of the working action. ONLY 6,200 of this Model, found their way into civilian  (commercial) sales !! This is a very scarce model for the collector to find, as the balance all went into Russia, hardly to never to reappear again.

This 2nd Russian was certainly used in the day, but not abused, and still for its  age and use is in very collectable condition. As a footnote: this Russian Model was carried by Pat Garrett, and Charlie Pitts at Northfield, with the James-Younger outfit. They were there on the old frontier. PRICE $2,950

The Walnut grips, have a fine luster, and no damage. The have at the circular top of the grip, a professionally done, INTERTWINED Initials of HB.




This S&W American, Serial No. 3051X, is spectacular in appearance ! It has "THE" shipping location, Wexell & DeGress, Mexico City, and the physical revolver shows all this to be true, including the caliber. It has about 35-45% of the original nickel plate finish , and the balance is a soft gray patina, giving it an excellent appearance. The engraving remains very strong, showing minimal wear, it is distinct ! The screw heads are all crisp, and all applied factory markings are present: barrel address etc.. This S&W 2nd American has 100% perfect mechanical functions on ALL phases of working operations. The grips are spectacular, Snake & Eagle raised relief carved grips, in an untouched natural condition showing the 140 years of age, in their color and appearance.

The grip area is further enhanced by the addition of a Silver Butt Cap, and Silver Lanyard Ring. This is a "REAL"  flashy "south of the border" revolver, where .44 Henry Rim Fire lingered on forever, and was the popular cartridge.

This revolver embodies all the bells and whistles of greatness ! Engraved, Deluxe Ivory, Butt Cap, Shipping Address, and conjured up visions of a glamorous life, carried by a real "fancier" of deluxe and functional arms, in the old tradition of .44 Rim Fire.  PRICE $9,995





19th Century Holster, @ 1881 -1895. for S&W Double Action, 1st Model, in .44 Russian or 44/40, with five inch barrel.

This holster is of the more protective type, known as a "flap holster". It is a very nice russet brown color, with a distinct  chain and flower, border stamping. The rear belt loop is not damaged, and there are no breaks in the stitching.

A very well made holster, with Chamois lining. Someone who wanted to carry and respect his new S&W DA   PRICE $350

The holster is clearly marked, 44 5 designating caliber and barrel length. It fits the 44 DA S&W of 1881, 44R or 44WCF perfectly

SMITH & WESSON, 2nd MODEL AMERICAN .44, .........1873...Cut for Stock..

In 1870 S&W introduced the FIRST practical Metallic Cartridge Revolver, and it was an immediate success. Quickly, small design changes were implemented, and the 2nd Model was the result. It had a little more "metal" around the trigger pin, and a slotted hammer to insure a tighter lock of the top strap. Otherwise, same as the 1st Model. The American chambered the .44 American cartridge, and had an 8 inch barrel. It found immediate acceptance due to its quick ability to load and unload cartridges, and time was IMPORTANT ! This 2nd Model, Serial No. 1413X, is a totally correct example. It has all the factory applied markings, barrel address etc...and ALL parts are original to the revolver, and are matching in serial   (assembly) numbers. The working actions are 100% perfect in all phases and functions. The Walnut grips are smooth, show minimal hand use, and have a fine antique luster and patina. Many famous celebrities of the Old West used this Model, such as : Wyatt Earp  (he actually carried a 2nd Model American engraved to the OK Corral fight), Texas Jack Omohundro, Buffalo Bill, Cole Younger, Belle Starr, Dallas Stoudenmire, just to mention a few ! It was a stout reliable revolver, and "FAST" to operate and fire. This one has a unique feature, the back strap is cut for a detachable shoulder stock. The stock used in this case was a " Key Hole" stock. The attaching end was cut like a key, inserted into the opening, side ways, then turned to lock it into position.

Unfortunately, the stock and American have become separated over the last 140 years. An excellent choice for a collection, a BIG S&W Frontier revolver, and THE FIRST on the Frontier !!  PRICE $4,350

This 2nd American has about 90%+ of all the original nickel plating, with the majority of the loss at the cylinder face, and breech end of the barrel. This makes perfect sense because, this is where the firing blast exits, plus the end of the barrel. Black powder was corrosive. The balance of the American is superb, with all the nickel plate present. There were really, despite their success, not that many made, ONLY 29,000 total between both Models. So, a high condition American is a scarce commodity.


The Model No. 3 , a.k.a. The American .44 Model, really put S&W into the game ! Prior to 1870, the company's only "big frame" revolver was the less than big frame Army No. 2 in .32 rim fire. However in 1870 they geared up and introduced the top break, .44 Models, the American Model in .44 AM, and the Old Old Russian Model in .44R, physically the same except for caliber. QUICKLY followed by the 2nd Model, which made a slight change in the frame, to accommodate the stronger trigger hold pin. This 2nd American, Serial No. 2175X, is in remarkable condition. It has about 95% of all the original nickel plated finish. What is IMPORTANT, it has never been touched ! no cleaning, polishing etc... it has that natural 141 year old luster. ALL assembly numbers are matching, all serial numbers match, and ALL parts are original. Mechanically it operates PERFECTLY, breaking open, closing, cocking, locking and firing , every time ! ALL factory applied markings are present and visible.

This Model 2 American was very popular on t he frontier, used by the likes of: Wyatt Earp, "Texas Jack" Omohundro, Dallas Stoudenmire, John Wesley Hardin, Cole Younger, Belle Starr, and so on and so forth....  PRICE $ 4,250

The Walnut Grips are in perfect condition, with a fine antique luster, and are numbers to the revolver.



Price $ 50

**Interesting to note, on the reverse side, are the Newspaper Clippings regarding the Court Martial of a Cavalry Officer, and his "physical confrontation" with another Officer.

JANUARY 15, 2017


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