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"ONLY A VERY FEW " and a SCARCE VARIATION" Wilson/Sutherland, Book of Colt Firearms..


Colt produced the 3rd Model Dragoon, a.k.a. the Four Pounder, from 1851 - 1861 in a quantity of only 10,500 units. Of these, and found only in the 18,000 serial range, are a few with 8 inch barrels. Serial No. 1860X is one of them. What is a few, I would say under 50, this would make sense.  This 3rd Dragoon has ALL it's original parts, and they are serial numbered to the revolver, including wedge, rammer etc.. ALL factory applied markings are present and distinctly clear. The finish is a dark gray/blue/ plum patina, which is undisturbed and all original. Even some original blue, in minute traces can seen in protected, non wear areas. ALL serial numbers are present and matching. Mechanically this Dragoon still functions PERFECTLY ! It operates for loading perfectly, and then it cocks, half cocks, indexes, locks tight, and releases to fire perfectly. NO problems here. The walnut grips show moderate hand wear, and even have some original varnish present. The grips have suffered a little use, leaving the front toe of each grip chipped, and it has been that way a long time, judging by the smoothness and patina of the exposed area. The brass trigger guard and back strap have an untouched, perfect mustard patina color. ALL serial numbers are matching throughout, and ALL parts are original to this Dragoon. Of major importance, the Cylinder scene is dark, but a substantial amount of the Texas Ranger , Indian Fight scene is present and well defined and  easily seen by the eye. In the world of Dragoons, we are talking about 163 years old Colts, and this one in correct comparison is in exceptionally fine condition. Plus it has the ULTRA RARE factory 8 inch barrel. You simply do not find the 8 inch variation !! Cylinder scene, no matter how limited is a real plus. If you are looking for a Colt 3rd Dragoon, and want the rarest of all, look no further.

PRICE $8,500




This Root Revolver, mistakenly named after Elisha K. Root ( Colt designer), when actually designed by Samuel Colt himself, is Factory Engraved. It bears the prefix "E" before the serial number on the underside of the barrel. Serial No. 273X is the first serial range and production, and is in .28 caliber. It has the 3-1/2 inch octagonal barrel, and wrap around Walnut grips.

 It is profusely engraved, at Exposition level quality, by Gustave Young, including the deluxe engraved hammer. The cylinder still has the acid etched Colts Patent, and serial number, plus about 40% of the original blue with plum patina tones. Overall it has about 10-15% of the original blue , excluding the cylinder which is about 40% with plum tones. The engraving is CRISP, CLEAN and sharp, and all present. It shows the perfect and beautiful execution of Gustave Young.

Mechanically it operates PERFECTLY on ALL phases of loading, cocking, locking, indexing, and firing. It still has 99% of all the original Cabin & Indian cylinder scene.

Without a doubt, this is one of Young's finest engraving works, small ,detailed and elegant. This is an early Root, being in the first run of revolvers, @1855 , and was undoubtedly engraved for display at an exposition, or made for presentation. It has the unique "pointing finger" as part of the barrel address.  Simply exquisite !

PRICE $6,500





Following the conclusion of the Civil War, it became quite apparent the future was in self contained combustible cartridges. The percussion era was on it's way out ! Colt immediately reacted by CONVERTING existing percussion revolvers to cartridge revolvers, the largest being the '60 Army to .44 Colt. However, in 1871 Colt introduced the Open Top revolver, and it was significant. There were NO percussion parts involved ! It had a cartridge only barrel and frame, however the open top lingered a little longer. This revolver was chambered for the .44 Henry rim fire cartridge. Manufactured from 1871 - 1873 in a SMALL quantity of 7,000 revolvers. SO ! today, they are VERY scarce, and SELDOM seen in ORIGINAL condition. Untouched ! only by time, and 142 years! This Open Top is Serial No. 139X. It has about 55% of the original factory nickel, and ALL factory applied markings are present and vividly clear. The cylinder scene is quite remarkable, even the engaged line is crisp and visible. Very important, ALL parts are original to this Open Top, and numbered the same, parts, serial numbers etc.. ALL factory applied markings a clear crisp, and present. The grips show wear, not abuse, just the act of being used some 142 years ago. Even some original varnish is still present.

In the world of scarce all original Open Top Colt revolvers, this is a very strong and very collectable example.

PRICE $6,950



This is a very significant Model in the evolutionary history of Colt. It represents the VERY FIRST swing-out cylinder produced by Colt. It is the ancestor of all Colts to follow , right up to the Python ! This example, Serial No. 1432X has the 4-1/2 inch barrel, and 99.999% original bright factory nickel finish. Since it is a .38, it has the checkered black hard rubber grips, with only the word Colt at the top in an oval. Introduced in 1889, they received an immediate purchase from the Navy Department, and many commercial orders. The Navy is easy to identify, as it has NO external stop bolt notches on the cylinder periphery. It locks from behind, as did the models of 1877 and 1878. Additionally the cylinder rotates to the left, commonly calling this a "left wheeler". ALL company applied markings are present, and vividly clear. ALL parts are original and matching. This is simply a superb specimen. one might say this was Colt's first step into the true modern era. Although they continued with their tried and true older models well into the 20th century, it would be the swing-out cylinder that eventually was the future, until the appearance of the semi-automatic.

An excellent opportunity for the collector to own a significant and developmentally important Colt revolver,  with basically close to perfect condition.  PRICE $2,100

Most all the Nitre Blue remains on the hammer reverse, and on the trigger reverse.



Considered by many Colt enthusiasts to be the most elegant streamlined design from Colt of the percussion era. This 1862 Police, Serial No. 2936X, is the 6-1/2 inch round barrel, and Factory Cased in 1865.

Present in the factory casing are all the correct accoutrements. The combustible packet has 4 of the fire prepared loads in perfect condition, and is wrapped in plastic to protect the delicate paper. The flask is the correct Eagle and Shield pattern, with a slight variation, it is in the much rarer Zinc Metal, rather than copper or brass. The mold is of particular interest, It is THE blued factory mold for this casing, as it is specially marked 36P ( P for Pocket) plus Colts Patent on front of mold. The tin is an Eley 100 size, and has all the varnish on the body of the tin.

This is a exceptionally high condition casing, and RARE for a '62 Police. The Police has 90% ++ original bright blue on the barrel, and cylinder, and about 35% of the case colors. The case colors are present in higher quantity on the frame, very strong on the hammer, and present on the creeping lever.

The Walnut grips have 99.99% of all their original factory varnish. The grip and back strap area have only slim traces of the silver, BUT the brass is UNTOUCHED and has the correct "mustard" patina of 149 years of natural aging. This is a 95%++ overall condition 1862 Police, and still from early production being made in 1865. Cased examples are SCARCE !. The case has all the ORIGINAL lining, slightly faded, but NO rips or tears. The exterior has a fine antique luster and original finish of 1865. ALL serial numbers are present and matching, including grips and wedge. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present. Mechanically this '62 Police is perfect, in each and every function. It would be extremely difficult to improve on this standard factory blue finished 1862 Police revolver, not to mention the 6-1/2 inch barrel is the least of the volume produced. Factory casings were few and far between, which increases desirability. PRICE $10,250


The beautiful golden oak casing has the factory correct bottom, made of pine.


     NICKEL  PEARL...1890

This Single Action is just a little unique, in the serial number. The year 1890 started at Serial No. 130,000. This Colt is No.1300X0, making it the 70th Single Action produced in 1890. My initial impression of this Colt is that it was a constant companion to someone. It was exposed to heat, cold, light, darkness, rain and drought. It has about 99% of the original factory nickel plating present. However, it has small area flaking of the nickel over most of the revolvers surface. The flaked areas have a slight gray color to them. However, the Colt maintains a strong appearance, and a uniform nickel finish appearance.  ALL factory applied markings are clear and present, all serial numbers are matching. The barrel address and frame markings are clear and present. The 41 cal is plainly marked on the front trigger guard bow. Mechanically this Colt is PERFECT in every working action. This Colt is very striking as it has Mother of Pearl grips. The grips are original to the Colt, and show beautiful color and radiance, only acquired after more than 100 years.

This type Colt Single Action has strong collector appeal to a large segment of collectors. As it remains ALL original and untouched, and that is important. The .41 caliber was highly regarded in certain corners of the Old West by knowledgeable shooters. It was a precursor to a magnum type round. Light recoil for improved accuracy, and a heavy impact punch. You can find many Texas Rangers who carried a .41 Colt Single Action. PRICE $3,995




Following the end of the Civil War, it became quite apparent to all manufacturers that the future was the self contained metallic cartridge. While other companies such as S&W introduced the .44 American as early as 1870, Colt lingered with the percussion image of pistols. The first attempt, the Thuer was far to complicated, so the first practical and popular conversion of a .44 revolver was the Richards, using the 1860 Army. ONLY 9,000 were ever produced, a rather scarce quantity, and this accounts for the hard use most of them saw. So, a high condition Richards is a true prize. This Richards, Serial No. 19210X is from the percussion range of 1860's. It is a very strong example, with a high condition level. It has all the blue remaining in the cylinder rebate, and lots of blue on the ejector rod, filler plug, and scattered through the protected areas of the barrel. The back strap also has varying degrees of blue. The balance is a soft blue/gray untouched patina. There are even remote traces of silver on the trigger guard. The grips are outstanding, with 96% of their original Colt factory varnish. The cylinder scene is strongly PRESENT, very clear and sharp, including the Engagement Line.

Mechanically this Richards is PERFECT, on each and every phase of working operation. Historically speaking, it was the Richards the Drovers packed on those Cattle Drive North, not the Single Action. The Single Action really didn't arrive until all the Military Contracts were filled, then and only then did they make their way into the civilian market. Meanwhile the Richards were with the "boys" pointing the herds north ! PRICE $6,850


2 inch COLT SINGLE ACTION .45 with Factory Letter !

Colt No. 6223X was shipped in 1880, Nickel finish, to Hartley & Graham, NY. Barrel length 7-1/2 inches, and one piece Walnut grips. Somewhere in time, probably not too long afterwards, the barrel was reduced to TWO inches. It made this Colt a FORMIDABLE WEAPON FOR THE POCKET, OR TUCKED INTO A TROUSER WAIST BAND, AND THE SHIRT CONVENIENTLY PULLED OUT SLIGHTLY TO HIDE IT! It was a choice, by whom? I would say, outlaw, gambler, lawman, someone who needed a "last ditch" shot!

The remarkable thing about this Colt, is in fact the cutting work! The barrel is professionally crowned, identical to Colt work, and it is re-sighted PERFECTLY with a German Silver front sight. NO blacksmith did this work, indeed it could have been sent back to Colt, or at least done by a professional distributor of Colt products. All parts are original to the Colt, all factory applied markings are present, and it works 100% correct mechanically. Traces of the original nickel are present, as well as traces of case color on the hammer. ONE thing we know, it wasn't made to lay in a drawer, it was made for action on the frontier!  PRICE $3,650 SALES HOLD / SOLD



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JUNE 15 , 2014


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