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Serial No. 18016X is pictured on Page 148 of Wilson's book, "The Peacemakers". It is a very important revolver for Colt, as it is the FIRST attempt by Colt to make a Metallic Cartridge revolver. The Rollin White Patent, held jealously by S&W forbid any other makers from using a bored through cylinder for cartridges. Thuer who worked for Colt devised this way around it! The cylinder loaded from the front !, with a small "teat" protruding through a small hole in the rear of each chamber. This was struck by a floating firing pin within the Thuer ring in front of the hammer. Not so terribly different the the Richards conversion of the 1870's system which came a few years later. This was Colt's answer, and it was patented in 1868, and this is an 1869 revolver. Even the Thuer ring had the capital E in script, for the shell ejection system, working basically the same way as firing, knocking the round forward. The Thuer .44 has ALL matching serial numbers to include the cylinder. ALL factory applied markings are present and extremely visible. ALL parts are original to this Thuer. The script E is distinctly visible, a is the 1868 patent on the Thuer Ring, below the screw.

The original Naval Engagement scene is STILL fresh and visible on the cylinder. The script "E" for eject is also very clear and present on the ring.

As it appeared on a westerners hip in 1869 !! because "it was there!"

Amazingly, and testimony to the care it received as a valuable possession, it is 100% mechanically correct, on each and EVERY action for it to function. Today the overall appearance is a soft gray patina, with some dark spots, BUT a smooth metal free from damage. It has an untouched antique patina, very important, untouched, it is a correct 147 year old Colt Thuer. It is difficult to express the scarcity of this Model, as it **quickly **became obsolete in its own time, most being converted back to percussion, and used until an ungraceful death. There is quantity speculation that about 54 .44 Thuers were produced. However, credit where credit is due, it put COLT on the map for a self contained cartridge revolver !, and ALL that follow owe their lineage here!  PRICE $8,250 *SOLD/ HOLD


***This Thuer comes with its ORIGINAL Slim Jim Flower head pattern holster, and you can see where the Thuer ring protrusion  (knob) has pushed against the holster since day one !***

The Thuer is further complimented by a pair of Ivory grips, with the Thuer from day one !





This Single Action came out of New Mexico, however was not shipped into the Territory, but like many SA's found it's way to the wilds of the southwest. In 1882 5-1/2 inch barrels were not all that frequent, so it has a bit of uniqueness. It was a blue revolver with case colors. Today it has about 10% of the blue, mostly on the trigger guard and protected areas. Case Colors are more present, just faded, the frame has about 95% of all the case colors, just severely faded, but can be seen when examining the Colt. The balance of the finish is a soft gray/plum patina. Actually a very crisp Single Action, just an antique patina finish. ALL factory applied markings are present, and ALL serial numbers are matching, 8128X, ALL parts are original to the Colt, and the hard rubber Eagle Grips are in very fine condition. We will never know why ? but the base of each grip "scalloped" or notched , what have you ! An artistic Cowboy, or keeping track, you pick! The mechanical action is 100% perfect, on all phases., very crisp. Black Powder Eagle Grips Colt Single Actions are ever increasingly difficult to locate, and are highly sought after. This is a very honest example, and worthy of purchase.

PRICE $3,950


In the entire manufacturing history of Colt Firearms, only ONE Four Shot pistol was ever manufactured, this is it, the Cloverleaf. It was named this because of the clover leaf shaped cylinder with 4n shots. Sometimes called the "Jim Fisk" Model, as it was used in a high profile socialite shooting in the 19th century. However, this is the RAREST Factory barrel length, at 1-1/2 inches. This one is the round barrel, and a few had an hexagonal barrel, either way extremely rare as the standard barrel length was  three inches. This specimen, Serial No. 732X, is from the 1875 production, and remains a solid example for collection. It is 100% mechanically perfect , in all functions: loading, cocking, locking, and releasing to fire. It has about 80% nickel plate on the left side of the frame, and about 30% on the right side of the frame. The barrel and cylinder have about most all their blue, but it has faded and softened. The screw heads are all perfect, and the barrel has only the word COLT on the left side, and the patents in the top strap groove. ALL factory markings are present. The grips are in perfect condition and retain about all their original varnish. A very difficult Colt for collectors to find, the 1-1/1inch barrel version. This one is in very strong condition for the model and age.

PRICE $3,550

"EARLY", COLT FOUR SCREW, .36 CUT FOR STOCK '51 COLT NAVY seen on Page 68, in Swayze's '51 Navy Revolvers book...1857...

It seems that in 1855 Samuel Colt got the idea of a revolver with a detachable stock. It apparently came from the Springfield Model of 1855. he was always interested in Military Contracts, and set his designers to create a pistol, which could be fitted with a detachable stock. The very first attempts were not produced, as they fitted like a 1855 and were simply not practical. The first true and practical pistol with detachable stock was this Model. Serial No. 7463X has ALL the features, of the early model:

  • Recoil Shield Cut for Stock Attachment
  • Iron Trigger Guard & the Back Strap, also cut for stock
  • Four Screw Frame
  • IMPORTANT : Factory Installed Sling Swivel in front of Trigger Guard

This close up clearly shows the Sling Swivel, and the Four Screws used to attach the Stock.

This Early Four Screw Navy is incredible, after so many years the mechanical action is still 100% on all phases of the working actions. The grips are smooth, with a fine antique luster and appearance, and no damage. ALL factory applied markings are present, and visible. The finish has original blue spots scattered on the revolver, ghost images of case color on the frame, and mostly a medium gray patina. ALL parts are matching, even the wedge ! The revolver shows minimal signs of having the stock attached, as Swayze mentioned, this accounts for the extreme scarcity of stocks, few produced and separation. Yes, this '51 is not a high condition specimen, BUT what it is , is an INCREDIBLY RARE & SCARCE Colt, with miniscule production levels. Simply put, NEVER seen on the market for Colt collectors and '51 Navy enthusiasts. Therefore, MORE than acceptable as a collectable Colt, a rare '51 Navy find ! PRICE $5,350


The cylinder scene is still present, it is worn and faded, but still visible and present. Also frame patent clear and present.

The Essence of the Old Western Frontier, Colt & Leather, @1871


Of all the Open Tops manufactured , only 7,000, this is the most sought after and most difficult to find for the collector. As we all know, they saw hard use, and in reality few Open Tops of either design exist as they left Hartford. A 7-1/2 inch original barrel, Navy size grip, NOT Army size, and a Brass trigger Guard and Back strap. This is very typical of the percussion era, even the Colts Patent, and on Frame, and New York barrel address. The Ivory grips have been there since 1871, and have a incredibly attractive aged appearance, being the "mellow yellow" of age. ALL Colt factory applied markings are present, barrel address, patent on frame, serial No's ( all matching, including cylinder). The cylinder scene is not discernable, from wear, only fragments of the scene, other wise all is present. The working action is 100% correct on ALL phases of working etc... The finish is a light gray, untouched, and even has traces of color on the frame and hammer.

All parts are ALL original. Perhaps the most incredible factor is the 1871, Square 1/2 Skirt Holster, the earliest type loop holster. A direct and next step descendant from the Slim Jim, and  so is the Colt from percussion. The pair are original together and from the early 1870's period.

If you are seeking a very scarce Colt, and a SIGNIFICANT Colt in their history, plus the same for the significant holster, and a part of the early 1870's Western Frontier, it is this Open Top , .44 Henry Rim Fire.  PRICE $6,550


COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY .45, 4-3/4 INCH...1891....

This is a very unique Colt, and an example of the "work ethic" of Colt Firearms in the 19th century. This Single Action, Serial No. 13992X, demonstrates Colt's dedication to NO waste! This .45 is made from Military Over-run parts, except the barrel. The frame is an RAC frame, and all the other parts bear the Military Inspector letter "K". Colt made a few too many on a Military contract, and what they did was use the Military parts in Civilian assembly. So, we have a .45 , 4-3/4 inch revolver made mostly of military parts. It does have a straight forward civilian   4-3/4 inch barrel, and of course hard rubber grips. It has about 15% of the original blue remaining, mostly on protected areas. Case hardening colors are very strong BUT faded. They can be seen on the frame, and the hammer. The checkered hard rubber grips show normal to light handling, but in time someone ( 19th century) carved a "W" in the base of the left grip.

Mechanically is it 100% perfect on all the working actions. ALL factory applied markings, barrel address, serial no's, patent etc.. are all distinct and vividly clear. It would be interesting to obtain a factory letter, and see where this Over-run Colt was shipped. An honest example of a unique Black Powder Colt Single Action, and few of them can be found in this assembled condition. Foot Note: It has been brought to my attention that this Colt shipped to Simmons Hardware, St. Louis in 1891, and will letter as such.

PRICE $ 4,150



Colt was always or close to the cutting edge in advances with firearms. In 1877, they introduced their first Double Action, the Model of 1877. It was small, and chambered for "pocket size" calibers. Colt quickly recognized the market for a large frame double action, similar to their single action, they designed the Model of 1878, and it came in large calibers, .45, .44/40 etc... This example, Serial No. 2930X has the traditional barrel length of 7-1/2 inches, and in the stand by Colt caliber of .45. Currently, it has about 65% of the original bright blue, blending into a perfect plum patina, giving the appearance of a much stronger finish. ALL factory applied markings are present and vividly clear. The checkered hard rubber grips, on the crescent grip are nearly perfect, with fresh appearance. Mechanically, it works perfectly when used in a single action mode, then also works PERFECTLY in the trigger pulling double action mode. NO mechanical issues here ! It has a very interesting ship destination! " The COLLINS GUN COMPANY, Omaha, Nebraska. Probably related to the leather workers, saddles, and holsters etc....Collins.

PRICE $ 3,995


A very pleasing Model of 1878, and excellent ship location. When a handgun was called for this model was favored by legendary "Shootist" Tom Horn !

COLT MODEL 1878, DA .45. "FAT GRIP", 1881, FACTORY LETTER .."BRIDGEPORT ATTACHMENT"..HISTORY...100% Authentic and Original 19th century Bridgeport Stud, with 1878 DA .45 Colt.

This Colt, is called a "Fat Grip" because, the early models under 5,000 had a larger grip. This one, Serial No. 499X is a "Fat Grip" with a history. First, the overall condition is as follows: 60% of the original nickel plating, found predominantly on the cylinder, trigger guard / back strap area, and some on the forward frame.  The hard rubber grips are in very excellent condition. All factory applied markings for this model are present and very legible. An interesting point: the action is ONLY double action ! In examining the hammer of this revolver, it appears that the notches wee professional removed, leaving a smooth hammer face. So, double action is the only firing mode.  This would make sense, as being spun from the Bridgeport stud and rapidly fired, ALL you want is Double Action, it goes with the whole idea of the Bridgeport. According to the documents that accompany this Colt, it was once the property of a Virginia City, NV Sheriff in the 1880's. It was bought from the Sheriff by a William Towne, then passed down through the family, and sold by Wm. R. Towne. This information is present on a small document written by Mr. Towne. Along with the DA 1878 comes interesting information. A copy of an 1883 Catalogue offering the Bridgeport Rig !

The copy of the information found in the above 1883 Catalogue. ALL OF THIS comes  with the sale of the Colt.

To the purchaser of this RARE "Fat Grip" Colt 1878 DA .45 "Bridgeport" comes all the paperwork, catalogue and documentation.

PRICE $ 6,850

SEE Footnote for below.....



Mr. Townes hand written history on this Colt DA .45 "Bridgeport " Rig.

*** FOOTNOTE** The previous owner spent a great deal of time and money and had an expert make him a Bridgeport Clip, from the original Patent Drawings, and fasten it to a belt, EXACTLY as it would have been in 1883. Even the style belt buckle. This also will go to the buyer of the Colt, and allow him to actually try and see how it was to carry this Colt.


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FEBRUARY 20, 2016


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