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This 1st Model Pocket Army, is factory engraved by Otto Bodenstein, and has the "Mercury" head panel scene, representing high speed. It is further engraved for presentation: on top the barrel is FROM: D. Behmer. the back strap is engraved: To F. P. Colgan, Sheriff, Dec. 25, 1887 . This is a fabulously engraved Pocket Army, as well as a great historical revolver. There are simply NOT that many presentation revolvers to Sheriffs, and fully documented. Sheriff Colgan was the Sheriff of Sonoma County, California and was involved in one of the largest Manhunts of the time. They were after one Pete Olsen for murdering a woman ! This took place in 1887, the year of the presentation ! There is NO question about the man, and he being Sheriff and where !!

1st Model Pocket Army, Serial No. 272X, is a deluxe level of factory engraving, and has the panel scene, plus diagonal panel stripe. The cylinder has the oval cameo frame style engraving. The entire revolver is covered in the leaf and typical 'punch dot" system of engraving, as are most engraved Merwins. Overall it has about 30% original nickel plating present, the balance is a soft gray untouched natural patina. ALL assembly numbers are matching throughout,2926. ALL factory applied markings are present, side barrel address, left side of frame Winchester Calibre 1873, and right side if frame Pocket Army. The barrel has strong lands and grooves, and is very clean. There are definitely strong traces of case colors on the hammer, and trigger guard. The engraving remains clear and sharp. ALL screw heads are clean, and many retain their original fire blue color. MOST IMPORTANT: The unique Merwin open and close twist extraction system works 100% perfectly ! All of the time. The revolver cocks, locks and indexes perfectly all the time. It has the original Factory Pearl grips, and they have spectacular iridescence and color.

This Merwin, Hulbert Pocket Army is featured in BOTH editions of Art Phelp's book, " The Story of Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Firearms. This is a fabulous opportunity to own a GENUINE Old West Sheriffs revolver from the 1880's, and an Engraved Pocket Army ! PRICE $8,250

This document, and some others go with the sale. Documents regarding Sheriff Colgan, and Sonoma County CA.



This exceptionally rare version is mentioned in the definitive text by Art Phelps. At the time of the writing, he felt less than 3-4 were known to exist, REAL ones. By that I mean, a Crescent Butt Pocket Army had it's barrel placed on a Square Butt Army. BUT, the give-away was the Assembly Numbers DID NOT match. This REAL true Square Butt Pocket Army has ALL matching Assembly Numbers 1331 !! Serial No. 2255X is fitted with original Ivory grips, and they have that wonderful patina of more than a century.

 Mechanically, it functions 100% on ALL operating actions: unloading, loading, cocking firing etc... This is a Double Action model, and it has the "fixed" hammer spur. Overall it has about 55-60% of the original factory nickel plated finish, it has a soft plum patina where nickel is not present. ALL factory applied markings are present and clear. For Merwin collectors this is an exceptional opportunity to own one of the rarest production variations, Frontier collectors also have a great square butt, "snubby" Merwin. PRICE $3,650


This 1st/2nd represents the last design change on the First Model Army. Serial No.1462X, with matching Assembly Numbers of 4709 has only the one frame screw (other than side plate) whereas the first model had two screws. The detent pin in the barrel release is also not present, and the trigger guard has the longer front section. These represented the changes from the 1st/1st, otherwise they appear to be the same revolver. Quickly identified by the scoop flutes, and open top frame. This model would date about 1879. It has about 95% of all the bright original factory nickel plating. Actually it is a 99.9% revolver, with a cylinder of about 75%+ finish. ALL factory applied markings are clear and present. Mechanically this Merwin operates 100% correctly on all phases of the working actions. The case hardening colors are still bright and vibrant on the hammer and trigger guard, PLUS the trigger is still bright fire blue. ! The grips are mint like, with crisp perfect checkering and no damage. This is an incredibly fine Merwin, Hulbert Army & Co. revolver. It is definitely getting more and more difficult to locate quality Merwin's like this one.

PRICE $4,950


The 1st/2nd Model represents the last, although minor, design change on the Open Top revolvers from M.H. & Co. in .44 caliber. It has all the design of the 1st/1st , except for the change in the trigger screw, and no more frame drop plate under the cylinder. Still retaining the scoop flute cylinder, open top frame, barrel wedge, and single action mode of firing. Serial No. 322X has about 95% of all the original factory nickel finish, with the loss being at the barrel muzzle, and on some sharp edges. It has become a dark color, but not an overwhelming contrast to the nickel finish. ALL assembly numbers, 1947 are matching. ALL parts are ORIGINAL to the revolver. Most important for Merwins, the unique shell extraction system operates 100% perfectly.  The action is perfect: it cocks, locks, indexes, and releases to fire perfectly. The SCARCE " Crescent Grips" ( factory terminology for the grip profile) are in excellent condition. Dark checkered hard rubber grips, with NO damage ! This is a very solid example of a scarcer "Crescent " Grip 44/40 Frontier Army. A fine addition to any collection of Merwin, Hulbert & Co. revolvers, or large frame Frontier Revolvers. PRICE $4,450 SOLD/HOLD


1st MODEL, MERWIN, HULBERT & Co. 44/40

        "POCKET ARMY"

Perhaps this Model gets more attention than any other. It is a formidable pistol, heavy frame, large caliber, a short barrel, and an overall great appearance. Serial No. 270X has all the earliest features: Scoop Flutes, Single Action, Barrel Wedge, and "Crescent Grip". ALL assembly numbers are matching, and all factory applied markings are clear and present. The frame markings jump out at you, the Pocket Army, on one side, and Winchester Calibre 1873 on the other. The mechanical actions are perfect: the twist and pull ejection system, and the indexing, cocking and locking mechanics are perfect. It has about 97%++ of all the original factory nickel plate finish, with only miniscule pepper spots on the left side of barrel. In no way diminishing the appearance of the Pocket Army. All the case hardening colors are still found on the hammer. The checkered Hard Rubber grips are in superb condition, and very crisp, free from any damage. This is a very , very fine example of a Pocket Army, suitable for any collection.

PRICE $5,500






Somehow  this Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Double Action .32, with folding hammer, has made it to us after 130+ years in 99.999% condition. The box is also is superb condition, way above the norm. Serial No. 917X ( Matching Assembly #'s 9170) remains in near new condition. It has a very unique Merwin option, the Folding Hammer spur. It can be raised to operate like any spur hammer, or lowered to be a flat surface for easy pocket extraction. A unique little gem from the 1880's for your consideration and purchase.

PRICE $2,150


ALL factory markings are present, ALL parts are original to the Merwin.32, and it is 100% mechanically perfect: opening extracting, closing, cocking, locking etc...


This 3rd Model, DA 44/40 Pocket Army is exquisite !! It is factory engraved by Master Engraver Otto Bodenstein, in a Exposition Level quality. Serial No. 736X, has ALL matching Assembly Numbers ( both barrels) #'s 5487. It has about  98% of all the original bright factory nickel plating, ( including 2nd matching barrel ) and about 95 % of all the gold wash on the cylinder. ALL the case hardening colors are present on the hammer, trigger and trigger guard. The grips, ( made with Gutta Percha) are perfect. ALL the checkering is crisp, and no damage. The engraving is detailed, spectacular, and totally present and crisp. There is NO wear whatsoever. It has the deluxe TWO panel scene frame, and the deluxe cut right frame.

Mechanically, this Pocket Army functions 100% correctly: that covers opening, ejecting cartridges, closing, cocking, indexing, locking tight for firing, and releasing to fire. ALL parts are original to the revolver, ALL finishes are factory original, and the engraving by Bodenstein is ALL original. This is, and I am repeating myself, SPECTACULAR in appearance, the VERY BEST ! A highly desirable piece for the collector of Merwins, or large frame Frontier Revolvers. PRICE $13,500 SOLD*HOLD



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MARCH 31, 2017


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