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Merwin, Hulbert was ever the innovator in forward thinking revolver design. This DA .38 has the unique patented "folding hammer spur", which allows for normal thumb cocking or smooth pocket withdrawal and DA firing. Your choice !! Serial No. 2013X is virtually MINT and appears to be in unfired condition.

This 3-1/2 inch DA .38 has a UNIQUE nomenclature on the end label of the box. Like many companies of the time, they traded on Military and Police association to increase sales.

IMPORTANT: all Assembly numbers are matching, and ALL parts are original to this Merwin. The unique opening and shell extraction system work PERFECTLY, as do the standard working action functions, of cocking, indexing, locking etc...on both single and DA modes. It has 99.99999% of all the ORIGINAL factory nickel plating, and 100% of the case colors on the hammer base.

This Merwin has an interesting family history, and can be dated accurately to the original buyer in 1881, right through to today. Names and places! coming out of Nevada. It would be nearly impossible to find a better plain nickel Merwin, in the original factory box, including the scrub brush ! PRICE $3,500

NOTE: Just recently received from the original owners descendants, a complete dossier of the family history, going back to the original buyer of the Merwin, who was born in 1848. Even more fascinating, it traces the Merwin through history. The owners were involved in Maine, Wyoming, and Nevada, also in all types of business to include the Motion Picture business. This is the original box of cartridges (full) last kept with this DA Merwin. The families strongest wish was that all this be kept together, and continue through history. Speaking of history, the family goes back to the Mayflower, with significant individuals in the lineage. If you want a MINT Merwin, and a total package of the entire history of it since 1881, and the owners history, this is a unique opportunity.




In 1875 the firm of Merwin, Hulbert & Co. introduced their large frame .44 frontier revolver. The Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Army Revolver. It was manufactured under contract by the Hopkins & Allen Co. of Norwich, Ct. It was without exception the MOST innovative design for fired cartridge extraction on  the market at that time. It was faster than Colt or S&W or anyone else. MOST amazing was the incredible fit of the moving parts, and the tolerances of PERFECT machining of parts and assembly. The first Model introduced is as you see it here, the 1st / 1st. It has a seven inch barrel, and the standard spur hammer and is finished with nickel plating. Serial No. 567X is near perfect, with 99.999999% of all the original factory nickel plating. It also has all the case hardening colors on the hammer. It is perfectly clean inside, and has never ! been fired.

It is factory fitted with Pearl grips, in a very special manner. The grip screw ONLY appears on the left grip, and screws into the inside of the right grip. So, when the Merwin Army is holstered all you see is the beautiful perfect solid Pearl grip. A deluxe presentation method was used. This Merwin Army has ALL original parts, ALL assembly numbers are matching. ALL factory applied markings are present and vividly clear and sharp. Mechanically: the twist and pull extraction system works perfectly, it opens and closes flawlessly. It loads perfectly, cocks, rotates, indexes, locks, and releases to fire perfectly !! It has the lanyard ring in the butt. This original holster was custom made, and fits ONLY this Merwin and its model contours. The condition of the holster is comparable with the revolver.  This 1st/1st has ALL the early characteristics, so sought after: scoop flutes, detent pin, 2 screw drop out floor plate, barrel wedge, and short trigger guard.

It would simply be IMPOSSIBLE to improve on this Merwin Army revolver and holster. If you want the best that can be obtained, this Merwin is the answer.  PRICE $12,500 SOLD








MERWIN, HULBERT & Co., 1st MODEL "POCKET ARMY", 44/40, Remarkable !

Serial No.296X is early in production, somewhere around 1876, and is in remarkable condition. It has about 99.999% of all the factory original bright nickel finish, with all the case colors remaining on the hammer and trigger guard. Even the trigger has all its "fire blue" finish. It actually appears to be UNFIRED, in viewing the cylinder face an recoil shield are totally fresh.

ALL Assembly Numbers are matching, and ALL factory applied markings are clear and present. Mechanically this Pocket Army is PERFECT in every action: twist and pull extraction, closing, locking, cocking, indexing, locking and firing. The checkered hard rubber grips are crisp and perfect. The overall appearance is stunning, and this is one of the highest sought after of all the Merwin, Hulbert & Co. models.









WINCHESTER BOX OF 50 (Full and All original) for the .44 American, AND Merwin, Hulbert Army Revolver ( .44 MH caliber)

This green label has both the .44 American designation and the elusive M&H legend, as shown here. ANY cartridge box that shows for Merwin revolvers is an ULTIMATE rarity, ESPECIALLY the large .44 caliber. I inspected this box, and the contents are all 50 original cartridges to this box.The box has both orange end labels, and all four sides are present. Currently it is plastic wrapped for it's protection. The graphics on the lid label are ALL clear and present, and in general in very fine condition with minimal shelf scuffs. A super display item to be shown with your 1st /1st Model .44 Merwin, Hulbert & Co. Army revolvers. PRICE $950




Famous Indian Territory Outlaw Merwin Please see, Historical Arms Category

The ONLY time Merwin ever marked a non-twist ejection system revolver, was this one time. They marked a .22 Tip Up revolver, identical in design to the Smith & Wesson model. They were made by Cooper, purchased by Merwin, and Marked with the company name on top of the barrel.

Only a few hundred shipped before S&W got wind of it, and they sued Merwin, Hulbert & Co. They won the Law suit, and it settled in an unusual manner. Merwin had to obliterate their name from the barrel, and they could sell them until none remained, and pay S&W .50 cents a pistol. So, 99% of all of these revolvers found have a "stipled" marking on top of the barrel obliterating the name of Merwin. HOWEVER there are the few that made it out prior to the law suit. Serial No.25X is one of them !!!

This Merwin .22 has about 95% of all the original nickel finish, and 100% perfect working mechanics. The Rosewood grips are in perfect condition. This is an extremely RARE revolver, and tantamount importance to Merwin collectors.  PRICE $1,450

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DECEMBER 18 , 2014


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