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This Pocket Flintlock has a 1-9/16 inch barrel, in the screw on and off Queen Anne style. It is approximate .46 caliber, obviously a single shot. The trigger descends when the pistol is cocked, and fires it accordingly. It was finished in the white, and today still appears in excellent condition, in the white with little to NO darkening or wear issues. The fit of French Oak, to metal is superb ! and shows little to no use. The barrel unscrews and returns flawlessly as does the cocking action. The frizzen raises and lowers correctly, and thus you have a PERFECT firing action. Yes, even the original flint is present. This pistol has a VERY unusual feature ! It has a SAFETY latch ( bar) which slides behind the hammer, with an interlocking pin.

A very unique Pocket Flintlock, with advanced concepts in safety, in really superb condition, and ALL original .

PRICE $650


****See first item under Curiosa Category, antique 1850 - 1860 French Shooting Cane......RARE Pin Fire, with excellent condition.


SEPTEMBER 25 , 2014


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