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MERWIN, HULBERT & Co. , 1st / 1st MODEL .44mh ARMY REVOLVER @ 1875

This is the Army Model that all the collectors want to have !

This Merwin, Serial No. 536X, has all the earliest features:

  • Open Top Frame
  • Scoop Flutes
  • Detent Pin.
  • Humpback Hammer a.k.a. Mexican
  • barrel wedge
  • short trigger guard

It also has about 95% of all the original factory nickel plating. Only slight wear on barrel edge is thin, and that is a bright metal showing NO contrast to the finish. This creates an overall exceptionally strong finish appearance. The Merwin is graced with factory original Ivory Grips, making for an elegant appearance. ALL assembly numbers are matching 3198A, on all parts. ALL parts are original to this Merwin. It is 100% mechanically correct on ALL the operating functions !!!

A very difficult model to find, an early production, all early features, all correct and matching, and superb finish. PRICE $4,650


1st MODEL, MERWIN, HULBERT & Co. 44/40

        "POCKET ARMY"

Perhaps this Model gets more attention than any other. It is a formidable pistol, heavy frame, large caliber,a short barrel, and an overall great appearance. Serial No. 270X has all the earliest features: Scoop Flutes, Single Action, Barrel Wedge, and "Crescent Grip". ALL assembly numbers are matching, and all factory applied markings are clear and present. The frame markings jump out at you, the Pocket Army, on one side, and Winchester Calibre 1873 on the other. The mechanical actions are perfect: the twist and pull ejection system, and the indexing, cocking and locking mechanics are perfect. It has about 97%++ of all the original factory nickel plate finish, with only miniscule pepper spots on the left side of barrel. In no way diminishing the appearance of the Pocket Army. All the case hardening colors are still found on the hammer. The checkered Hard Rubber grips are in superb condition, and very crisp, free from any damage. This is a very , very fine example of a Pocket Army, suitable for any collection.






This Merwin, Hulbert revolver has seen the Westward expansion of the Railway in the late 1870's, and served on our expanding Frontier. It's mere presence shows the life of a frontier revolver. The barrel has been professionally cut to 3&3/4 inches, and re-sighted perfectly! Serial No. 909X "suited" the user just fine, and is in it's ORIGINAL Two Loop Holster, which has been with it, since the day the barrel was adjusted. The barrel is marked for the Denver, Rio Grande Railway.


Currently, there is about 10-15% of the original Nickel Plate finish, mostly on the cylinder, and trigger guard. the balance of the revolver is a soft gray patina. It's interesting to note: there is still a detent pin, which shows it is actually a transitional revolver between first/first, and first/2nd. The Merwin still has the very worn Mother of Pearl grips. Amazingly, ALL mechanical operations function PERFECTLY: opening to eject, closing, cocking, indexing and firing. The Denver & Rio Grande Railway, also ran an Express service, so this revolver could have served as a guard revolver for the Express Messenger. If you are looking for high condition, this isn't it, BUT if you are looking for an action packed Frontier Merwin , and in the words of Elmer Keith " hell I was there", then this is an excellent choice. PRICE $ 2,595


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APRIL 24 , 2015

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